Practical hands on work lies at the heart of science at Bishopspark. Children need opportunities to develop practical and enquiry skills in order to engage with the world in a scientific way and to make sense of what they are learning about. Hands-on experience promotes curiosity and engagement and provides opportunities for discussions and questions which develop understanding.  It is important that children are able ask their own questions about the world around them, make their own predictions about how or why, and are given the opportunity to investigate their questions to try and answer them, through observations, explorations, investigations or by conducting their own research.

Below are some suggested websites that have exciting and engaging activities that you can complete with your child. These will develop your child’s love of science whilst enhancing their scientific skills.

This is a great website were you will find over 150 activities to complete with your child. Why not try printing off some of the identification sheets and take with you for walk in the woods, what can you find?

This is a super website where children can access a range of games and activities for a variety of different science topics.

This website requires you to input your name and email address to enable you to access the activities and receive free updates and emails. Once you have signed up you receive access to a hands on science library, showing you how you can carry out exciting practical science with your child at home.

This is another nature website were you can download practical activities that you can complete with your child, from bark rubbing and painting with soil to building a bird feeder.

This is another exciting website where you can find more engaging science activities that you can print off and complete together at home. Can you make raisins dance? Or how about a lunch bag explode?