School Governance

Governance in the school is provided on different levels: corporate ownership Governance and local Governance.

Bishopspark School is part of MOD Schools. It is owned by the MOD and is operated under the umbrella of the Directorate of Children and Young People (DCYP). Corporate governance of school performance is provided by DCYP through a professional school inspector, trained by OFSTED, working with the school each term to assess a range of performance indicators, including standards of achievement. There is a clear command structure in place and the school’s performance is further monitored by the Senior Principal of MOD Schools, who is held to account by a Senior HMI OFSTED inspector. The business side of school management is scrutinised by the Consortia School Business manager, the finance team at DCYP, the National Audit Office and all is in accordance with MOD regulation.

Local Governance is provided by the School Governance Committee (SGC). This is chaired by the Senior Officer from 1PWRR. Other members of the committee are volunteers for the role and help provide a local insight and Governance into school performance and assist with strategic direction for improvement. Some Governors are parents whilst other members have specific skills and roles within our local community, and despite not being parents are prepared to offer their experience to help the school operate efficiently and effectively. The details of each School Governor are not listed due to data protection integral to the military nature of their work. If you would like to volunteer to be on the SGC, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

School Governing Committee

Mr M Nooney

Chair of SGC


Deputy Chair of SGC

Mr A Chapman


Mrs L Walby

School Business Manager


Community Padre

Mrs C Sell

FS1 Representative 


Teaching staff Representative

Mrs K Nacalowa

Support staff / Community Representative

Mr U Noetzel

Community Representative

Mrs K Duddy

Parent / FOBS Representative

Mr M James

Teaching & Learning Representative

Mr A Poulston  Unit Representative
Mr A White Unit Representative
Mr J Eyles MOD Schools Drawdown Officer
Mrs J Murphy School Improvement Partner



















Minutes of the SGC meetings can be accessed on the links below.

  1. Minutes of BPS SGC 11072018
  2. Minutes of BPS SGC 14032018
  3. Minutes of BPS SGC 22112017
  4. Minutes of SGC 11 July 2017
  5. Minutes of BPS SGC 14 February 2017
  6. Minutes of BPS SGC 03 November 2016