SEND Offer

What should I do before my child starts at Bishopspark School?

Firstly, please make contact with the school either by email or phone. Our mobility clerk will facilitate a conversation with our inclusion manager or headteacher to discuss your child’s needs and how best they can be met. We recommend that you make contact with MOD Schools Advisory Service (CEAS)

It is essential to ask your child’s current school to complete a Pupil Information Profile (PIP) and for you to submit this with your child’s “application for admission form” as soon as possible; without this it is not possible to enrol your child.

We know that children’s needs vary from one child to another. Most needs can be dealt with by the school and parents will always be fully involved. We believe, that it is much better, where possible, to help any child with difficulties within the context of the classroom. There may be times, however, when children may need to be withdrawn from the classroom for individual learning to take place.

If it is felt that outside advice is necessary, from outside agencies, then Targeted Services can be contacted, with the approval and consent from parents.


Multi-agency Assessment of Supportability Overseas (MASO)

If the PIP, conversations with parents or other paperwork received by the School indicate a high level of need and multi-agency involvement, the school will request a MASO to check that needs can be met overseas.  This is conducted by an MOD Educational Psychologist in conjunction with any other relevant agencies. Prior to the MASO starting, we will seek parental permission to share information about your child through the MASO process.

Advice is given to local Command who will then make a decision on whether needs can be met overseas

Who should I talk to at Bishopspark School about my child’s difficulties with learning/Special Educational Needs/ or Disability? (SEND)

1. Class teacher

Bishopspark School operates an ‘open- door’ policy. If you have any concerns about your child’s learning, we recommend that you discuss them with the class teacher in the first instance. Please contact the class teacher, via the school office to make an appointment.

2. Inclusion Manager

If you child has identified learning needs or  requires additional support  then the best person to talk to is Miss Caulfield (SENCO/Inclusion Manager) at the school.

The Inclusion Manager (IM) is responsible for:

  • co-ordinating and reviewing SEND support across the school, ensuring that children’s needs are met
  • leading and co-ordinating a trained LSA(SEN) team of members of staff who support pupils with SEND
  • working closely with the class teacher to write individual plans which are shared and reviewed with parents
  • liaising with outside agencies who may come into school to support your child’s learning e.g. speech and language therapist, educational psychologist etc
  • updating the school’s SEND register ( a system that reflects the needs of individual pupils with SEND)
  • providing specialist support for teachers and support staff in the school so that they can help children with SEND achieve the best possible progress
  • Closely monitor the progress and attainment of all children on the SEND register, including the impact of specific interventions.  

At Bishopspark, parents are kept fully informed of their child’s support and progress in SEND. We involve parents in supporting their child with their learning and reviewing of progress and personalised targets.