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Friday 18th May 2018

Sports Day Special

Last week across all key stages, over 320 pupils enjoyed a fantastic celebration of sporting activities in our FS1; FS2 and Y1; and Y2-Y4 Sports Days. The events were a mixture of team competition in which our learning powers of be ‘co-operative’, ‘keeping improving’ and ‘concentrate’ were reinforced; and individual competitive team races in which ‘have a go’ and ‘don’t give up’ powers could be developed further.

All three events were a huge success and I would like to thank all of the pupils for showing their incredible characters and their learning powers of course! Also, it was great to see so many parents supporting the events creating a really special atmosphere for all particpants. Thank you also to our incredible staff who also demonstrated their enjoyment of all learning and their ‘have a go’ attitude when it came to the staff races!

All of the great sporting achievement and learning throughout the Sports Days would not have been possible without the commendable efforts of Mr Sturgess our Specialist PE Teacher. Special thanks must  also be made to all of our connected regiments (35 Engineers, 1PWRR and 3 Bn REME) for supporting the 3-day festival of sport. Gym staff were a great support in terms of their time, help with equipment and flexibility to ensure that our children took centre-stage. We would like to say a particular thank you to SSgt Noel Yates for his efforts in ensuring the events were such a success.  

Thunk of the week

The latest Thunk of the week challenges had a great number of entries. KS1 were told that BIKE was the answer and KS2 were told that FREEDOM was the answer.  The winners are below.

Other great ideas from KS1 included

 What has pedals that you can do wheelies on? (Arion Thomas)

What’s healthy exercise in Germany? (Yukesh Limbu)

Other great ideas from KS2 included

 What happens when the bell goes on a Friday? (Reilly Clayton-Butterworth)

What does everyone have the right to? (Sophie Bromidge)

Thursday 17th May 2018

This is how we start our day at Bishopspark! We would love EVERYONE to come and join in!



Wednesday 28th March 2018



Tuesday 27th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018 Thunk winners

Friday 16th March 2018 Mothers day singing in FS1 



Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd March 2018

World Book Day

We have had a fantastic time in school during this year’s Book Week!  All the classes have been taking part in lots of different activities related to reading including reading to other classes, creating displays to decorate the classroom doors, drama, making posters, writing book reviews and sharing bedtime stories.  Tuesday morning was a great opportunity for the older children to share books with the younger children in school.  There was so much excitement about this that many of the children have asked to read together more regularly! 

It was wonderful to see so many parents joining us in school on Wednesday afternoon for Bedtime Stories.  The classrooms could barely hold the number of people inside them! We shared biscuits and hot chocolate while reading old favourites and listening to new ones that we didn’t know before.  FS2 particularly enjoyed dressing up in their pyjamas to enjoy their books.  Thank you to everyone who came and supported us in this; the children always love to have your support in school as well as at home.  All who work in school appreciate your time to share in these activities.

Thursday’s World Book Day brought a plethora of character costumes which brightened up the entire school!  We are also fortunate to have been joined on Thursday and Friday by John Kirk, a storyteller from the UK, who worked with all the children across FS1 and the main school to share his love of reading and stories.  He led an assembly for us to launch World Book day on Thursday, telling us all about his favourite story, ‘Just William’.  He then re-enacted stories for each of the key stages plus staging workshops with the classes to explore different story types.  FS1 and 2 enjoyed listening to the Gingerbread Man and Rapunzel.   Key Stage 1 learnt about Anansi and the Stories of the World.  Key Stage 2 investigated the narrative poem of The Highwayman, using drama techniques to understand the meaning of the language and story of the poem.  We are very thankful to John for squeezing us into his busy schedule and travelling out to Germany to see us. 

FS1 World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, the children in FS1 have been involved in lots of fun activities to celebrate our love of books. On Thursday, the children dressed up as their favourite book character and they all looked fantastic. A storyteller called John Kirk from UK came to read us the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. He was really great and the children listened really well and thoroughly enjoyed his storytime session.

Thank you to everyone, parents, children and members of staff, for all their hard work to make our Book Week so successful.

Thursday 22nd February 2018 - Year 4 trip to the Open Air Museum

On Thursday 22nd February, Year 4 went on a trip to Oerlinghausen Open Air Museum. Our intention was to learn more about The Stone Age. Before leaving, we made a mind map of things we would like to find out and questions that we would like to ask. Upon arrival we were greeted by to tour guides and we were split into two groups. The first morning activity was a tour of the Stone Age settlements. We gathered information about the homes, landscapes and way of living. The Second group explored a large home and built a fire to keep warm. They then used a stone and rock to grind grain into flour before mixing and baking small pieces of bread on the fire. After lunch by the fire, we learnt even more about how people lived and what they did with their time. The first afternoon activity was jewellery making. We designed our clay pearls and used the fire to harden the pieces before threading them onto out braided string. The final activity tested out our hunting skills. We used an ancient spear technique to try and hit a wooden dear in the forest.  Written by Shea and Daisy, Year 4

Wednesday 21st February 2018 - FS Chinese New year Celebrations

As part of the celebrations for Chinese New Year, the children from FS1 and FS2 visited JB’s on Barker Barracks to have some freshly cooked Chinese food. All 140 children were served a traditional Chinese dish of noodles with chicken and vegetables. They really enjoyed watching the chef demonstrate how all the food was cooked in a wok. The food tasted delicious!

All the children were very well behaved throughout the morning and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Many thanks to the FS and Naafi staff for all their efforts. Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Wednesday 31st January 2018  FS 2 Trip to Schloss Castle

This week FS2 had their first school trip of the year. They went on a bus for a short journey to the beautiful castle in Schloss Neuhaus as they have been learning all about the different castles in various fairy tales. The morning was really busy and full of learning fun; the children explored the castle, seeing the drawbridge, moat, towers and shields on the castle building. Then they enjoyed watching the ducks swimming around before finally finishing off the visit by eating their snack in the fresh air whilst enjoying the scenery of the castle itself.




Maths Challenge

Maths Challenge Cup At the end of last term, Bishopspark School held its first ‘Maths Challenge Cup’ tournament. Each year group successfully took part in the tournament and tried hard to learn their number and times table recall facts at home, all of this to help earn points for their teams. Having a secure understanding of times tables helps children to learn different aspects of mathematics such as division and fraction. We will continue to run the ‘Maths Challenge Cup’ once a term to help children to develop a deeper knowledge of their number and times tables recall. We really appreciate your continued support at home in helping your child(ren) to learn their number and times table facts. I would like to thank Miss Turner and Mr David for organising the tournament which was a huge success and enjoyed by many of our budding mathematical stars!

Friday 12th January 2018 FS 2 Fairy Tale Day

FS 2 have been very busy this week with the launch of our new topic on Fairy Tales.  We started off by thinking about all of our favourite characters and made lists of these using our sound knowledge and word lists.  On Friday we were lucky enough to be able to come into school dressed up as our favourite character; even the adults got dressed up too!   We finished the week by completing a fun hunt in the playground in our costumes, where we had to find pictures of all of the Fairy Tale characters that were written on our list!  




School Council Christmas decoration competition

Last Friday, the school put on a Christmas decoration competition, we chose four winners. We chose a winner from each year group.  Can you guess which decoration won from the photo? From Year 1, Chris with his hand Santa won a pack of Minstrels. We liked the hand Santa because we liked all the fashion and thought Chris put a lot of effort into it. From Year 2 we chose Eliza with her sewed Christmas tree. Eliza won a pack of mini fudges. We chose the Christmas tree because we thought sewing is a really good skill. From Year 3 we chose Max who won some milky bar buttons. We liked the lantern because it was very creative and the poem was very good. From Year 4 we chose Sarisha who won a pack of chocolate Christmas turkeys; we liked her little elf because it was cute. All of the Christmas decorations were very unique and creative, thanks to everyone that sent one in. Did you make a Christmas decoration?

Written by Ella-Mae and Shea



Year 1 Victorian Day

Year 1 enjoyed traveling back in time for their Victorian school day. The children took their roles very seriously and behaved impeccably for the rather stern looking supply teachers!! After a fingernail inspection, the children practised their times tables on their chalkboards. After this, they separated for traditional boy and girl activities-the boys did their technical drawing whilst the girls practised their sewing skills. The afternoon brought traditional playground games-hoop and stick, skipping and hopscotch as well as creative art activities and a photo booth in the hall.

Thank you to all the parents who supported their children by providing costumes or joining us in the afternoon and thank you to all the adults who worked across Year 1 today. The children have had a valuable learning experience which they won't forget!

Mrs Pearson and Miss Powell

Tuesday 5th December Anglo-German Christingle Celebration

On Tuesday night, 20 children from the school choir went to the Abdinghof to take part in the Anglo-German Christingle celebration. They were joined by choirs from Attenborough and the German Luther School to sing traditional Christmas carols. The children from Bishopspark had the smallest choir; however the biggest singing voices! Their behaviour was exemplary and they demonstrated all of the values that are important to our school community. Edie and Roxy read prayers beautifully and Sophie was a super helper for Padre Daniel's Christingle explanation. It was a perfect beginning to our festive celebrations. 


Scroll up to see the winners!


Evacuee Evening in Year 4

Last Week the Year 4 children took part in an ‘Evacuee evening’. They got to experience what it was like for children throughout the war II. During the evening they took part in various activities linked to life as an evacuee. The activities included: building an Anderson shelter; using rations to make carrot cookies; making paper Christmas decorations; experiencing a blackout and an air raid siren, and testing out what they knew with a Kahoot quiz.

Ella-Mae, Nicaragua. 

Thank you to all the staff who planned and attended the event. The children learnt a lot from their experiences of being an evacuee.

Performances and whole school events during the Festive period 2017

Tuesday 5 December

1700hrs Choir and Readers Performing at Anglo-German Christingle (Paderborn)

Thursday 7 December

0930hrs Fs2 Christmas Performance

1400-1630hrs School Christmas Fayre

Friday 8 December

1000hrs Fs1 Christmas Nativity Performance

(Barker Barracks - St Peter’s Church)

Wednesday 13 December

School Christmas Jumper Day

School Christmas Dinner 

Thursday 14 December

0930hrs KS2 Christmas Performance (No siblings)  

1330hrs Ks1 Christmas Performance (No siblings)  

Friday 15 December

0930hrs Ks1 Christmas Performance (Siblings welcome)

1330hrs Ks2 Christmas Performance (Siblings welcome)


Friday 17th November 2017 Children in Need FS1

Children in Need events at FS1 were also a great success. The children and adults enjoyed a Pudsey Bear Picnic where the children all made headbands and picnic baskets. Thank you to all parents who made and donated cakes. FS1 collected €120.21, a fabulous effort, well done FS1!

Our school was proud to support this very worthy charity. Throughout the week, the children were learning about empathy, considering the feelings of other people and thinking about why we support charitable events. The children and staff all got into the spirit of the event by donning their pyjamas, spots and Mufti attire. Key Stage 1 enjoyed a morning at the cinema and it was pleasing to see how well behaved the children were. The highlight of the day was the ‘Bishopspark’s Got Talent’ show. This was the final in a week of auditions being held across Years1-4. For those of you lucky enough to watch, we were treated to a variety of unique talents from singing and dancing, alternative music, Science and joke telling! What a talented and brave group of children. The judges had a tough decision in choosing a winner, but it was Reilly’s jokes that won them over-well done to our future comedian! All of the acts have received one full merit for getting to the final. In addition, Matthew from Year 3 decided that he wanted to raise even more money by having a sponsored hair shave at the front of assembly! Staff sponsored him and he raised over 100 euros. Well done! Our cake sale was a huge success also, so another thank you to all of you who donated cakes and for the Mufti contributions. Our overall total raised at present is €480.31. On behalf of all of the children, we would like to thank Mrs Pearson and Miss Powell for organising the Children in Need Events and making the day so enjoyable!


BFG Football Tournament 

It was with great pride that I took 35 eager footballers to the Inter Schools tournament on Monday 16th October on an unseasonably warm Autumn day. The children all looked very professional in their team tracksuits and certainly felt and looked the part when they arrived at the home of Paderborn Utd.
We had a range of children from Year 1 up to Year 4-some of whom play regularly for a football club and for some, this was their first experience of participating in a footballing tournament. As one Year 2 said- “I’ve never played in a team before but I’m going to use my learning powers and have a go.”
I was impressed by their team spirit, determination and ability to listen and show respect. It was pleasing to see a lot of handshaking with the opposition at the end of every game. Our teams all played brilliantly and we were justifiably proud of our results on the final score cards- Y1, Y2 and Y4 achieving first place and Y3 a respectable 2nd place.
The BBQ lunch was well received as was the haul of trophies and medals which we brought back with us.
I would like to extend my personal thanks to Mrs Wheeler, Mrs Kondowe, Mrs Trumper, Mrs Strutt and Mrs Nacalawa who supported myself and the children tremendously. Well done team BPS-I am very proud of each and every one of you!
Mrs Pearson

Friday 17th November 2017 - Shoe Box appeal.

We would like to thank all the children who showed their incredible character by ‘being kind’ and donating at total of 121 shoeboxes. Each shoebox was packed full of exciting gifts for charities to distribute to local children. Well done to all for your kindness!


Punchlines is running a Christmas poster competition.

We have had some really creative posters in the past, and are really excited to receive entries, This year we have decided to put all our effort on our BFG MOD schools, so this competition is just for you!

These are the rules for the competition:

  • The poster should be A4 in size and portrait.
  • Artwork needs to be colourful (no writing).You can draw or paint your design in pencil, crayon, pastel fibre pen or collage using any style.
  • Include on the back side of the poster Name, Year, School Name and Tutor Class, as we will get in contact with the winner through the Schools.

All posters must be sent to BFG Information Office from the schools by 17th of November.
BFG Information Office
20th Brigade Head Quarters
Sennelager BFPO 16
Tel: 5254 982 2105

Thursday 2nd November 2017

After a rainy start, Year 1 set off on their expedition around Bielefeld tier park. We looked at all the different animals and talked about which classification they were-mammal, bird or fish. We didn’t spot any reptiles or amphibians though! The children enjoyed the day and went on to produce some excellent recount writing as the experience brought our Science topic to life.

Thank you to all of the adults who enabled our trip to take place and to the parents for making sure that the children were well prepared for the day.

Mrs Pearson and Miss Powell



Friday 20th October 2017

Learning Support Assistant/Librarian – (Maternity replacement until October 2018)

Grade: LSA 2                                  Hours: 28.75 hpw

Closing Date:  30/10/2017


2 x Fixed term (until 31 August 2017) Fs1 Keypersons

Grade: Please see job advert     Hours: 22.5 hpw

Closing Date: 03/11/2017



Fun Outdoor Learning at Forest School

Children from Year 3 visited the outdoor learning area on Barker Barracks to take part in our Ancient Greek day.  We enjoyed taking part in different activities to introduce our new topic, including a mini Olympics, an archaeological dig and Ancient Greek art and craft.  The highlight of the day was tasting some Ancient Greek food!  Well done to all the children for taking part.

Fiji Day Celebrations

On Monday 9th October Bishopspark celebrated Fiji Day.  Firstly, we would like to say an enormous thank you to our Fijian friends and staff for organising the day.  The children were treated to some wonderful singing and dancing. They also had the opportunity to view a range of cultural Fijian artefacts.  After the assembly, everyone enjoyed tasting a wide range of delicious Fijian food! All at Bishopspark certainly enjoyed their taste of Fiji! We can’t wait until next year!



Friday 13th October 2017

There is a mufti-day for all children on Friday 20th October to raise funds for Herz und Diadeteszentrum Hospital. This is the specialist heart unit for babies in Bad Oeynhausen where Oscar Robinson is currently being cared for. We are asking for donations of €1 with all proceeds going directly to the unit.

 Recent Appointments

We would like to welcome Mrs Chloe Humphrey who will be joining us at Bishopspark as our new Drawdown and Resources Officer in the coming weeks. Also, Mrs Kelly Wellard who was successfully appointed as our new LSA in Y4 USA class. We look forward to welcoming them both to our team and school. 


Accelerated Reader update

So far this year, we have read 2,030,918 words. Well done to Brazil, Denmark, Sweden and Nicaragua classes who have achieved 100 Accelerated Reader Points this year also. Please see the link below to access quizzes from home, which is also available on our website under the curriculum tab. Thank you for your continued support with home-reading.



Friday 22nd September 2017

Drawdown & Resource Officer

Grade: CS4                                     Hours: 38.5 hpw

Closing Date: 28/09/2017


Learning Support Assistant Bishopspark School

Grade: LSA 2/Q                              Hours: 28.75 hpw

Closing Date: 02/10/2017


Learning Support Assistant/Librarian – (Maternity replacement until October 2018)

Grade: LSA 2                                  Hours: 28.75 hpw

Closing Date:  05/10/2017


Learning Support Assistant SEN - Bishopspark School

Grade: SEN LSA 2Q                      Hours: 28.75 hpw

Closing Date: 05/10/2017


School Council / Democracy Week

This week in school, Years 1-4 have been learning all about ‘Democracy’ during our month of ‘Respect’. Children have been buzzing with the excitement of School Council elections and representing the views of their friends on the council. Each candidate addressed their class and shared the reasons for why they felt they should be elected to represent their fellow pupils. Once all of the candidates had pitched, the individual classes headed down to our polling station and cast their votes into the ballot boxes.  Voting took place this morning in our gym, with the results of the secret ballot and School Council badges being presented in assembly on Monday.

We believe strongly in 'Pupil Voice'. Our pupils have the right to be consulted on matters which affect them and to express their views in our learning community. Our School Council is active in representing the views of every child, thinking about ways to make our school an even better place to learn. 

Thank you to Mr Bennett, Mrs Banks and Mr Sherwin for their efforts this week. Mr Sherwin in particular has given a great deal of time and thought to ensure School Council ‘democracy’ week was a huge success.


Thursday 14th September 2017

The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals  

On Thursday 14th September, Bishopspark had the privilege of having a visit from The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals. They played a number of different songs that the children all recognised from popular films.  The band also talked about their instruments and how they made different sounds.  Everyone was so excited at the end; they all got up and had a dance! We would like to say a big thank you to Band Master Mattias Andersson and his colleagues for such a brilliant afternoon.  

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Take Our Country open afternoon

On Wednesday 13th September, many parents attended the afternoon at BPS to showcase some of the children’s work they have produced during the ‘Take Our Country fortnight.’  Thank you to the parents who were able to attend.  Every class had  fun and interactive activities that were enjoyed by both parents and children.  Year 4 took part in a quiz and made some excellent sculptures. Year 3 were making masks and armadillos.  Year 2 were creating their own Viking shields and Year 1 were making their own Greek buildings and sea creatures.  We hope you enjoyed visiting the classes and meeting the teachers.



On Monday 5th June, Bishopspark School were lucky enough to host 'Island Breeze' (an Hawaiian Dancing group) currently on their world tour. The afternoon was filled with singing, dancing and story-telling, with even teachers joining in the fun. Island Breeze had previously performed at the Kaleidoscope in Paderborn and due to links the group have with Mr. and Mrs. Finau (Bishopspark parents) , we were offered an opportunity to host the extravaganza of dance and song. To cap off a fantastic afternoon of fun and to celebrate the arrival of summer, the Ice cream van man was also in attendance to provide all with delicious ice-creams. A truly marvellous afternoon was had by all and we would like to thank Island Breeze for their memorable performance and wish them all the very best of Bishopspark luck for the remainder of their world tour.  Also, thank you ice-cream van man for the delicious refreshments!


Our Policy on Fidget Spinners

‘As in other BFG Schools, pupils who require additional resources or learning aids at Bishopspark will have their needs met by the SEND team under the direction of the school’s SENCo (Miss Caulfield). Fidget Spinners are therefore not currently required in our school by any pupil as an aid to learning or to relieve any symptoms of anxiety. All Fidget Spinners will be confiscated from pupils and returned at the end of the school day. Thank you for your support in this matter.’



Latest attendance return for the autumn and spring term is 96.24%. We continue to aim for above 97% by the end of the academic year.



4th TEAM NEPTUNE; 3rd TEAM SUN; 2nd TEAM MARS and the winners TEAM EARTH.   

Last week, the children were busy buying red noses and headbands ready for Red Nose day of fun on Friday 24th March. As you know, all children and staff from FS2 to Year 4 are part of a house team (Neptune, Earth, Mars and Sun) and were gifted a t shirt in their planet colour, which they wore for the day. With a focus on nurturing team spirit and competitiveness, the children spent the morning working on different challenges. They began the day with a scavenger hunt, in which they had to work in mixed age teams. Their second challenge was a timed event-completing an army built obstacle course! Everyone demonstrated their incredible character and learning powers, having a go, being cooperative and enjoying their learning by taking part in the challenges and supporting each other. After an assembly filled with song and dance, parents and children enjoyed an after school bake sale. All at Bishopspark would like to thank all parents who donated an amazing selection and quantity of cakes. Our FS1 setting also had a hugely successful bake sale too.

Mrs Pearson was overwhelmed by the positive attitude of the children and the support and generosity of our community. Additionally, she would like to extend her thanks to the sterling efforts of 35 Engineers, who not only created an amazing obstacle course, but also helped the children and encouraged them all the way through. Our final total was €1143.48. Thank you again to all of the BPS staff and parents for making the day enjoyable for the children and for raising a substantial amount for such a worthwhile cause. 


Questionnaire Return

Data collected from Parent Voice January 2017 Questionnaire based on 130 returns



(please tick)

Strongly agree



Strongly disagree


My child is happy at this school.






My child feels safe at this school.






My child makes good progress at this school.






My child is well looked after at this school.






My child is taught well at this school.






My child receives appropriate homework for their age.






This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.






This school deals effectively with bullying.






This school is well led and managed.






This school responds well to any concerns that I raise.






I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.






I would recommend this school to another parent.






If you want to explain any of your answers or if there is anything else you want the Headteacher to know, please write it here.

“The introduction of tapestry is great, lovely to see the progress when and as it happens.”

“My child has recently moved into this school and has made a really good start. As he had a close buddy at Bielefeld School, we were afraid he may take time to settle in but all the support and care by the school helped him to settle well. He’s doing great. Thank you all the teachers and staff.”

“I’m really happy with my child’s progress at Bishopspark. I feel the approach of teaching is good, and my child’s individual strengths and weaknesses are taken into consideration, as well as his responsiveness. He is very happy here too.”

“My daughter is happy with the way she learns. I have compared the progress she is making with same aged friends from different schools and thank you, she is going so much better!”

“I can only write best things about this school as it absolutely is. My child is super happy and safe in this environment and it has the best teachers ever!”

“I have completed this with my child. He loves Bishopspark School. Thumbs up!”

“I value knowing there is an open door policy to discuss any concerns. Communication from school is excellent, termly teacher meetings are very valuable to me as a parent. I enjoy the seesaw app updates. I appreciate the opportunities for learning the school seeks outside of the classroom.”

“Thank you to all staff at Bishopspark School for all your hard work making the school amazing!”

“The school has work really closely with us, for our daughter’s medical needs. Any concerns are taken seriously and are dealt with quickly. The staff has a genuine interest in the progress of the condition, which is very reassuring.”

“As parents we are very happy with school and our daughter’s progress, thank you!”

“Bishopspark is a fantastic school. I have four children in the school and they are all doing amazingly well. I have loved every one of their teachers.” 

“My son had requested extra work during the Christmas break and his teacher made up an activity book which covered a vast amount of Maths, English, writing, drawing, sticking, cutting etc which was very much enjoyed by my son to fulfil five minutes work a day. All activities met his level of learning. Thank you!”

My child has loved school from the first day and she has developed an excellent relationship with her key person. Staff at the school are all approachable and helpful if I have any concerns.”

Areas of possible improvement

“Sometimes it would be nice to have more information of how our child is getting on in school. If he has any problems let us know so we can help at home too.”

“Myself as a quite involved parent could have a little more information, possibly weekly or monthly with regards to my child’s progress. Tapestry is wonderful as is their reading feedback. I think more in an overall way would be helpful.”

“I feel as a working parent that the school would help parents by offering a breakfast and after school club for a price.”

“We feel that children at 5 should be able to cover everything they need in school time without the requirement for homework.”

“More maths homework please!”

Some variety with homework would be good for us. Perhaps some small task sheets (i.e. Maths worksheets).

“I would like my child to have additional maths homework.”

Our attendance return for the spring term was 96%. We are now working towards our target for the summer term 97%. So far, we are above this target!

Year 3/4 RAF STEM Day

Our Year 3 and 4 children had a fantastic day today with the RAF's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) team. They used all of their learning powers when tackling a number of problems set by the team. All enjoyed their learning and we would like to thank our STEM visitors for providing such an enjoyable learning experience.

Austria Ski Trip 2017


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