Leaving Bishopspark

Our Leaving Bear and Learning Powers Card which all leavers receive on their last day at Bishopspark School 

We have to say goodbye,

Your time here has come to an end.

You've made some cherished memories,

And many special friends. 


You've shown your incredible character  

And learnt more and more every day.

 We hope that all the things we've done,

Will help you on your way.


So it's with happy memories,

We send you out the door,

With great learning powers

Ready for what your next school holds in store,

Remember to be your best self.

At Bishopspark we believe strongly in preparing our learners for their next adventure. We have a Specialist transition team who work with groups and individual children to prepare them for their next school after Bishopspark. This involves a number of activities which normally start 4-6 weeks before departure. Some of the activities include: contacting the new school; talking to the child's new class teacher; looking at the school's website and completing an 'all about me' pupil booklet which is then sent to the new school. We also ensure that all attainment and progress information is given to your child's new school before they arrive so they can be put into an appropriate learning group/class.  

It is vital that as soon as you know your child(ren) will be leaving Bishopspark School, please complete the form attached below ‘Leaving Bishopspark' and return to our school office.  Your child’s documents will be available for collection from the office on their last day at school, or earlier if requested.

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