Developing Teaching and Leadership

Lessons demonstrate consistent good practice, evidence of continuing professional development and rigorous performance management. The rapport between teachers and learners is very positive; the pace is brisk and activities varied. Our learners respond promptly and confidently to opportunities to collaborate, solve problems and present ideas to their peers. There are non-negotiable expectations about appropriate behaviour, which are calmly and firmly insisted upon by all staff.



We believe in developing capability in all. Leaders are trusted and invested in, through a resilient network of distributed leadership which allows for continued success at Bishopspark. Senior leaders coach and provide role models for the behaviours and values we expect in our school. All leaders have a significant teaching commitment and carefully demonstrate the way they want staff to relate to learners and to each other.


We place a high regard for the needs, interests and concerns of every learner. We listen to our learners individually and collectively. We are developing our approach to ensure that conversations about learning happen with all pupils to improve progress further.



  1. Teaching Code of Conduct