Challenging all learners


It is our aim for all children to make excellent progress both in terms of knowledge and skills across all core and foundation subjects. We aim to provide challenge for all, inspiring our learners to be reflective, independent and to use their learning powers.

At Bishopspark School, our G&T learners are identified by teachers and a whole school register is created based on this information.  This is updated termly and reflects the pupil’s performance and continuing efforts in their learning. G&T progress is closing monitored using the Target Tracker assessment tool and additional learning scrutinies are performed by our G&T school leader Mrs Cooper. 

Our gifted and talented learners are challenged in a number of ways through whole class teaching. The teacher’s knowledge of each child is considered at the planning stage of each lesson and may include the development of higher order thinking skills (HOT), lateral thinking tasks, the requirement of deeper explanations, redrafting and independent high challenge activities.

In light of our quest to develop further independent challenge, Mathematic and English challenge areas are being developed to further encourage both independent and collaborative deep thinking, resulting in increased learning in our classrooms. We aim to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. In addition, a number of enrichment activities in the form of after-school clubs, learning visits and off-site lessons in our partnership school (JBS), with subject specialists are part of our curriculum offer.   

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