Congratulations on your posting to Paderborn and welcome to our school.  Please have a look at our school prospectus below and browse our website.

We accept children from ages 3 – 9 years (FS1 to Year 4). 

If you would like to apply to our school, we strongly recommend that you contact our School Office on:  0049 (0)5251 5439548 to register your interest.  Our staff will be happy to talk to you about our school, the admissions process and any concerns that you may have about moving to Paderborn. Alternatively, you can email Mrs James on  

You may also download an Admission form by clicking on the Admissions Form link below. 

Please be aware that in order to accept your child into our school, we require you to complete and return to us the following documents prior to your arrival in Germany: 

1) The Admissions Form

2) Appendix 2 of the Admission Form, the Pupil Information Profile (PIP). This is to be completed by the school that your child currently attends.

When we receive and assess the information, we will then be in a position to offer your child a place at our school. This is done by the issuing of an Educational Clearance Certificate, which may be required as part of your moving process to Germany and could cause a delay in your posting if you do not have it.   

If we do not receive your child's Admission Form and PIP prior to arrival, unfortunately, your child will not be able to start at our school.

On arrival In Germany, please ensure that you complete the Unit Certificate of Entitlement which requires a unit stamp (Appendix 3) in Admission Form 

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Paderborn and our school.

The school is able to issue a Certificate of Educational Clearance during working days only. Please ensure you apply for your child’s place at Bishopspark School in good time, as a Certificate of Educational Clearance may not be issued during school holidays.

Due to the time and work involved in the admissions process, please aim to send in your child’s admission forms by Friday 8th June for a September 2018 start. If your child has additional medical or Special Educational Needs, a MASO may need to take place before an Educational Clearance can be considered.  Any admissions received after 8th June, which require a MASO, will result in children not receiving an Educational Clearance for a September 2018 start.

Thank you for your understanding.

Non-entitled individuals

For non-entitled individuals our current fees are as follows: Term £3,370.88 / Annual £10,112.65 

  1. Admission Form
  2. BPS Year 1-4 Induction Booklet
  3. FS1 Induction Booklet Morning Session Jan 2017
  4. FS1 Induction Booklet for April 17 starters
  5. FS2 Induction Booklet
  6. Uniform Order Price List
  7. Bus Registration and Code of Conduct Certificate