A School of Incredible Character

Our Character Expectations were designed by the teaching team and endorsed by our School Council. These are the values which are expected of all, by all. The expectations feed into learners 'being their best self and showing their incredible characters'. Our team point system is aligned and positively reinforces excellent conduct. 

What do our Character Expectations mean?

The Character Expectations will be explained and continuously reinforced across the school in daily practice by all staff.

Be Kind: We will encourage children to be kind to others and to think of ways to solve problems which do not involve hurting others. This means that children must keep each other physically and emotionally safe and that actions that cause danger or risk to others will not be tolerated. This point is fundamental to the school’s approach to Anti-bullying.

Be Helpful: We will encourage our children to understand that they come to school to learn and that it is unacceptable to stop the learning of others. We believe in the learning power of ‘being cooperative’ and supporting others to achieve, whether in lessons, in the dinner hall or on the playground.

Listen to others: We believe that everyone’s opinion is respected. Everyone in our school should be treated with respect and should feel comfortable when expressing their views or opinions.

Be Honest: Through learning powers, we encourage the mindset of learning from mistakes. Honesty is an integral value which we believe as a school will support our children in becoming the successful global citizens of tomorrow. Therefore, we expect honesty from all as a cornerstone for future trust and unity.   

Care for our school: We will encourage children to take pride in their uniform, learning, conduct and the school environment. As a school we are a unit which is stronger when all work together. Caring for our school also includes our conduct within the community.

Our expectation is that children at Bishopspark School always demonstrate an excellent standard of behaviour across the school, both when directly supervised and also where there are opportunities for greater choice and independence. We expect and trust children to make good choices in relation to their own behaviour as part of their journey to become a successful citizen of tomorrow.

Across our school, pupils are determined and committed to meeting these expectations on a daily basis, striving to win the 'Team Trophy' for their team.