Island Breeze Dance Group

On Monday 5th June, we were lucky enough to host 'Island Breeze' (an Hawaiian Dancing group) currently on their world tour. The afternoon was filled with singing, dancing and story-telling, with even teachers joining in the fun. Island Breeze had previously performed at the Kaleidoscope in Paderborn and we would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Finau for offering us the opportunity to host the extravaganza of dance and song. To cap off a fantastic afternoon of fun and to celebrate the arrival of summer, the Ice cream van man was also in attendance to provide us all with delicious ice-creams. A truly marvellous afternoon was experienced by all and we would like to thank Island Breeze for their memorable performance and wish them all the very best of Bishopspark luck for the remainder of their world tour. Also, thank you ice-cream van man for the delicious refreshments