Inter-school Football

Interschools football tournament at Bad Lippspringe Sports Pitches

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Westfalen schools have a long history of planning and facilitating inter school sporting opportunities for our young people. This year, I enlisted the support of the coaches and management at Paderborn Utd football club to host an inter-schools football tournament. Participating schools were Bishopspark, John Buchan, Attenborough, Bielefeld and Haig. 

Children from Year 1 up to Year 6 were selected to form 7 a side teams who played in a tournament format at the Paderborn Utd ground in Bad Lippspringe. The children have been busy practising in school and we have been working on developing skills of team work and improving overall footballing ability.

With the support of Paderborn Utd, there were trained coaches on hand to enable the day to run smoothly. Their roles included refereeing, administration, score keeping and serving the BBQ! With over 200 children taking part, this was no mean feat!

Thanks to the Army, we were able to secure a chef to provide a BBQ lunch for all the participants. This was well received by adults and children alike. Additionally, all participants received a medal for taking part and, winning Year group teams took a trophy back to display proudly in their schools. One little girl exclaimed ‘This is the first medal I’ve ever got!’

The day was enjoyed by all and there was a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the children and adults.

These team events serve to provide an enriching experience for all of the young people but also, to cement the links and foster good relations between schools and Army.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to John Pluckwell at Paderborn Utd who has been integral in ensuring that this event could take place. Also, to all of the Paderborn Utd coaches and individual school staff who have given their time and resources to provide a quality learning experience.